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The Pageant

Judges for the Elite Global Earth Pageant & Consulting will be instructed to use the following criteria when evaluating all of the participating delegates. Their ultimate goal will be to find unique married and unmarried women and men that have the power of constructive and positive thinking, who know and understands themselves and who maintain a strong and healthy attitude with a strong sense of family value and unity. Judges will be looking for the total package. Such individuals must possess physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities. These attributes will be displayed through several categories. All categories are equal.

The fitness presentation (15 points) should reflect the lifestyle of the new millennium. Judges will be looking for individuals that are physically fit, healthy, have beauty of face/figure, poise and self-confidence that show they care about themselves and possess strong self-esteem.

The evening gown and fun fashion presentation (2) Parts of the Pageant will represent- (50 points) allows contestants the freedom of expression. Judges will evaluate the contestants on their grace and poise, their elegance in carriage and their ability to project their personal style. Each contestant will be asked to “model”, but it is important to understand that she will be “modeling” herself more than her dress. Her expression and movements reflect her personality.

The interview segment (35 points) allows the judges to see the contestants on a more personal level. The contestant has the opportunity to express her opinions on current issues and attitudes that affect her and her society. Judges will be looking for individuals that, when asked, can articulate these opinions effectively and who have a sense of reasoning. In the interview, depth of information and originality of expression will also be considered. The style & fashion presentation allows contestants the freedom of self- expression. Judges will evaluate the contestants on their confidence, personal style and poise. The judges will also evaluate her on her ability to project her personality. On stage question, the judges will use the same criteria as they used for the judge’s interview to include articulation, awareness, and the power of thinking and personal charm.

Overall, the judges will be looking for that special delegate that is emotionally secure who has humility and sincerity. Additionally, the judges will be looking for that unique individual who possesses a genuine sparkle in their eye, an infectious smile, and charisma that makes them the special individual that they are.

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