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The COMPETITION is divided into (4) four categories, all categories bearing equal weight: Personal Interview, Fitness in aerobic wear, Evening Gown and Fashion Modeling. The judges will be looking for the all-around winner. She may not be the most outstanding in one category, yet she will score highly in all three categories. Judging is based upon how a contestant presents herself in all categories on stage. Eighty percent of the women who enter the pageant are first time participants so there is no set profile of a woman who enters. There is also no professional criteria necessary. Participants are stay-at-home moms, mortgage brokers, doctors, teachers and more. They come to fulfill personal goals. There is no talent competition as marriage is a talent in itself, and no experience is necessary.

Pageant Scoring

1/4 Interview: A three minute personal interview with each of our five judges. You are judged on poise, personality, intelligence, and beauty. (Panel Style)

1/4 Fitness Presentation: You will be judged on overall health, fitness, poise and confidence on stage.

1/4 Evening Gown Presentation: Floor Length gowns only. You are judged on gracefulness, style, confidence and poise.

1/4 Fashion Modeling Presentation: A tasteful casual outfit. You are judged on personality, stage presence and confidence.

COMPETITION WARDROBE – You will be required to furnish your own competition wardrobe:

1. Opening Number Blue or Green Cocktail Dress

2. Personal Interview Dress/Suit – For the judges’ personal interviews, you will need a daytime dress or pant suit or something similar to what you would wear to a job interview.

3. Evening Gown – There are no specific requirements regarding the gown other than it should be full length, fit you well, and compliment your own coloring and physical features. Cost of gown is not a consideration when being judged. (Picture of Dress/Style and color will need to be submitted to International/National Office.

4. Fitness- Aerobic-wear – Ideally, this will be a one color with an accent color that compliments your figure and coloring. White tennis shoes and white ped socks.

5. Fashion Modeling– This should be reflective of “High Fashion” or “Couture” runway shows.

In addition to choosing the new Elite Global Earth Pageants, awards the Best in Interview Award, Most Photogenic Winner, Fitness Winner, Evening Gown Award, Fashion Award, Mrs. and Director’s Award. The Directors Award will crown the person with the most appearances and most votes Mrs. Elite Global Earth Humanitarian Award. Portion of the proceeds from the funds raised will go towards our National and International Charity.